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About Us

Wexford Autobody Repairs has been in business in Wexford for over 40 years and this unrivalled experience puts us at the forefront of crash repairs in the South East. In fact the team at Wexford Autobody Repairs has a combined 100 years of experience in the business.

Our goal

From first inspection to the final finish - the service we provide is second to none. We understand that your car is a significant investment and a vital part of your everyday life. It can be distressing when something happens to your pride and joy and this is why we take such great care to ensure that your experience is as stress free as possible as well as returning your car to you in exactly the same condition as it was before the incident.

Every job that enters our facility gets the same consistent professional treatment. From start to finish your vehicle gets the best possible care and attention.

We have grown accustomed to that warm glowing smile of satisfaction each time a customer calls in to collect their pride and joy.